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Equipment for shrimp processing
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Welcome to our company website!

The main activity of our company is supplying of the processing equipment for fish and meat industry. We are specializing on the used equipment, but we can also supply a new machinery of different manufacturers: FTC (Sweden), K.M. Fish Machinery AS (Danmark), Trio (Norway), AKS Sondermachinenbau GmbH (Germany), Peruza (Latvia) and other well-known brands. We also can help with supplying of spare parts and service.

A great experience of work in food industry allows us to offer the optimal solutions for your business projects. We pay attention to all aspects: equipment reliability, capacity and reasonable price, as well as traditions and national habits of a food market of a country.

The main office and the workshop of the company are located in Myre, Northern Norway. Representative office of the company works in Murmansk, Russia.

The confirmation of our successful work is a hundred of completed orders and satisfied clients.

Please, send us your inquiry and we will find that you need!

Latest equipment

Multivac R-140 Thermoforming machine for fish and meat
Man.year: 2007 Condition: Good, working Film width: 405 mm
Baader 252 Filleting machine
Man.year: 1999 Condition: Overhauled
Baader 697 Bone separator
Condition: Good, working
Kronen K50 - 4 Roe separation machine \ Salad dryer
Manufactured year: 2002 Condition: Working
Kronen slicer for vegetables
Manufactured year: 2007 Condition: Working
Kronen GEWA 3800 Washing machine for vegetables and fruits
Manufactured year: 2006 Condition: Working
Kronen GEWA 4000 washing machine for vegetables
Manufactured year: 2004 Condition: Working
Gunther GZB 350 – 900 Rising belt conveyor
Man.year: 2006 Condition: Good, working
Sealpac RE 20 - Thermoformer
Man.year: 2010 Condition: Excellent
Fomaco FGM 88F DC M3 Injector for fish fillets
Man.year: 2010 Condition: As new
Carnitech Deslimer
Condition: Good, working
Baader 541 Saltfish klipfish machine
Man.year: 2014 Condition: Good, working
Baader 52 - Skinning machine
Condition: Good, working