Equipment for food industry

Gutting equipment

Baader 140 - Gutting machine

This machine is used for gutting fish of a life weight from 240-650 gr. The abdominal  cavity is opened with a clean cut and the guts including the kidney are completely removed by means of vacuum suction.  The raw product graded into two size ranges  is arranged in trays and then fed through the gutting  and eviscerating tools  while being safely held by clamps. The gills can either be removed or retained in the fish. This requires an easy adaptation of the machine. The normal version of the Baader 140 operates with 22 cycles/min.  Exchangeable chain wheels make for a through-put rate of 38 cycles/min. However, in this case a stronger vacuum pump is required. As far as the processing of mackerels of a life weight from 300 to 650 gr is concerned, a laser beam facilitates the exact central arrangement of the fish in the trays.

Capacity:  up to 22 fish/ min

Power consumption: 0,95 kW                                                                                                   

Water consumption: 1,2 L/min                                                                                                                        

Dimensions: 3,00 x 1,00 x 1, 20 m

Weight (net/gross):  incl. pump: 350/630 kg