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Gutting machine Pisces SGA 22/32

The  Pisces   SGA-22  and 32 are salmon eviscerating units that include an active cutting system to enable removal of roe and/or viscera without the need for pre-gulleting. It utilizes an active cutting system, rather than a static blade, to ensure clean cutting of the gullet and membrane and  removal  of   roe  or viscera    intact    and undamaged.  For careful processing is also  taken  to  ensure  that  the roe/viscera  is exposed to only a minimum amount of water.

The  SGA-22 is designed for head-off operations, while the SGA-32 incorporates additional  guides   and   control mechanisms to allow for head-on operation.

The SGA-22 & 32 are made of all non-corrosive materials and comply with all CE machinery directives for safety, hygiene and ease of cleaning

Power consumption: 4,5 kW

Water consumption: 18,9 L/min

Weight (net): 1200 kg

Dimensions: 3,1 x 1,0 x 1,3 m