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Complete lines

Breading line Koppens 400

Man. year: 1996-2000

Condition: very good

The line was used for manufacturing of value added breaded product, such as fish burgers, fish fingers, products in tempura


 Consists of:

- Koppens ER400 battering machine

- Koppens CM400 breading machine

- Kopppens PRM400 MEG preduster (flour covering)

- Koppens TD400 tempura dipper (special for shrimps)

- Koppens MK400 mixer for batter with pump

- Koppens BR4000/400 fryer, heating power 120 kw

- Koppens VTC900 storage tank for oil with sediment removal system

- Koppens linking and turning conveyors

- Koppens VM400 HSE burger former

- Kramer+Grebe MM750 Multimix minced meat mixer