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Skinning equipment for fish

Baader 66 Skinner for Herring

Man. year: 1997

Condition: overhauled

This machine is designed for small and medium-scale application in the delicacies field. It skins very delicate products, such as pickled and marinated butterfly fillets from herring or slightly salted butterfly fillets from herb herrings.

The Baader 66 is a stand-alone machine which is mobile on rollers. The butterfly fillets are arranged manually by one or two persons  on the conveyor belts and submitted to a gentle skinning process.

Upon request, a piece cutter is available for this machine as well.

Capacity: up to 60 single fillets/min

Power consumption: 0,75 kW

Water consumption: 3 l/min

Dimensions: 2,50 x 1,04 x  1,40 m

Weight (net/gross): 490/585 kg

Ready product: