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Pisces FR9000 Filleting machine

Filleting machine for salmon and trout

Man. year: 2001

Condition: overhauled

The  patented FR-9000  is  a state-of-the-art filleting unit that utilizes a high-speed programmable logic controller to individually  measure the length of each fish as it enters the machine. Using  this measurement, the FR-9000 can then adjust its cutting parameters according to a pre-selected cut value in  order to obtain maximum yield  for each fish.

 The  FR-9000  utilizes   three sets of  circular blades to remove the backbone-one above, one below, and one at backbone  width-resulting      in   an  extremely  high-yield product. After  backbone removal, a set of  reciprocating blades carefully   removes the ribs,  producing fillets  of  a smooth, undamaged appearance.

The  versatile FR-9000 features options for  complete rib   removal or rib-in   fillets,   adjustable by  simply pre- selecting a cut value on the user-friendly interface.

Working range: 0.9-9.0 kg