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Filleting machine Baader 187

Filleting machine for small whitefish

Condition: good


A special design for small fish from 30 to 55 cm (12"-22"). This filleting system made it possible to design a compact and uncomplicated but very efficient filleting machine. The speed is adjustable from 25 to 40 fish per minute and can be set to suit the skill of the operator. the production of skinless fillet per hour depending on the average size of fish, based on an average speed of 32 fish per minute and a yield of 45% of skinless fillet from gutted cod with heads. The lower picture shows the excellent cutting result of the BAADER 187 a clean fillet with full belly flap Find a bone which has no usable filet meat left on, unexcelled high yield is the main feature of the white fish filleting machine BAADER 187.

How it works?

Gutted and deheaded fish is placed tail forward on a transport saddle. Supported by a wide slide carriage attached to two transport chains, the saddle carries the fish through the cutting tools. Lateral guides bring the fish into correct position for the cutting operation. Two sets of circular knives enter the fish on both sides of the main bone. Those knives are mounted on axially resilient shafts. This way the filleting knives automatically adjust to the thickness of the bone and perform a cut as close to the bone as possible. The flank bones and the black belly lining are removed from the fillet by a set of stationary knives scraping along the bones. The two fillets after having been completely separated from the main hone, fall on mesh wire conveyors which carry them to the skinning machine. This combination of cutting tools in the new filleting unexcelled high yield.

Working range: small witefish from 30 to 55 cm

Capacity: 25-40 fish/min

Power consumption: 1,5 kW

Water consumption: 15 l/min

Dimensions: 3,25 x 1,20 x 1,70 m

Weight (net): 810 kg

The lower picture shows the excellent cutting result of the BAADER 187 a clean fillet with full belly flap:

Baader 187 (2) 

Baader 187 (3)