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Baader 189 Filleting machine

Filleting machine for whitefish

Man. year: 1981

Condition: overhauled in 2014

This machine processes cod, pollack, haddoch, hake employing well proved system with high fillet yield. Fish from 40 to 85 cm (0,6 - 4, 5 kg gutted with head) are loaded on to the machine after heading. The filleting tools adjust themselves to the different fish size within the operating range. For skinning the fillets have to be transferred manually to a skinning machine.

For a complete line  heading machine Baader 427 and skinning machine Bader 51 are recommended.

Capacity: 24-34 fish/min

Power consumption: 3 kW

Water consumption: 15 l/min

Dimensions: 3,70 x 1,50 x 2,00 m

Weight (net/gross): 1060/1650 kg


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Baader 189 2 (5)