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Filleting machines

Baader 190 Filleting machine

Filleting machine for whitefish

Man. year: 1990

Condition: good

The Baader 190 is capable of producting absolutely boneless fillets cut from cod, pollock and haddock within the range of 33-66 cm total fish length and from merluza measuring  30-70 cm (=0,35-2,2 kg gutted fish, head on). This machine handles fish, headed and gutted on the Baader 160, continuously, at a high rate of feeding varying with fish sizes. The Baader 190 processes either standard fillets or absolutely boneless fillets by means of an electronically controlled attachment. The fillets are automatically transferred to a skinning machine (Baader 51).

Capacity: 40-65 fish/min

Power consumption: 4,7 kW

Water consumption: 40 l/min

Dimensions: 3,60 x 1,20 x 2,10 m

Weight (net/gross): 1500/2330 kg