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Shrimp glazing line Cabinplant

Man. year: 2000

Condition: excellent (used 6 months)

Freezing capacity: 1600 kg/hour (input tepmp. -5С, output -18C)

The line consists of two dual line glazing machine cabinplant 

Dual line glazing machines Cabinplant (Denmark)

Vibro-glazing unit is designed to apply an evenly thin coat of glaze on IQF frozen products such as seafood (shrimp, mussels, fish pieces).

Multi-level structure of the machine provides glazing from all sides of the product by flipping from one deck to another and rotation while this process.

The maximum amount of the glaze depends on the temperature of the product before the glazing and the temperature of spray water.

The infeed section of the machine is divided into two flows this allows to glaze products of different grades simultaneously. The separation can be also used to prevent mixing of the product when double-glazing.

Vibro-glazing machine is equipped with:

-        Special mesh for separation small particles of the product (sampling radius)

      Can be easily moved for cleaning

-        Multi-level design

-        Variable speed vibro-engines

-        Water filter for nozzle protection

-        Hinged cover to protect the area of ​​glazing

-        Water cooling tank (requires connection to a central compressor station)

-        High-pressure pumps for water circulation

     Dimensions of two machines in parallel (LxWxH): 3010x2150x1500 mm