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Heading equipment

Baader 434S Heading machine

Man. year: 2003

Condition: overhauled

This machine is designed for heading salmon and trout with an overall weight from 2-7 kg. The   fish   is   fed   into   the   continuously circulating trays. The fish is being pushed with a slight pressure against its feeding direction  until  the  collar  bones  and  the adhering pectoral fins  are optimally positioned  in  relation  to  the  pre-cutting device. The pre-cutting tool  releases  the meat directly behind the collar bone from the cranial bones and in front the adhering pectoral girdle. A combination of shearing and cutting tools ensure that the head is separated from the fish body way up in the head. All  tools  are  controlled  by  the  fish itself and all forces are acting on the head instead of the fish body in order to increase the  quality. Each tool operates independently  and  is  controlled  through parameters   generated by the device measuring the fish.

Capacity: 42 fish/min

Water consumption: 15 L/min

Power consumption: 2 kW

Weight (net/gross): 1180/1500 kg

Baader 434S heading machine is combined with Baader 200 и 201