Equipment for food industry

Vacuum systems for fish transfer

Vacuum system Euskan VSB 250 M

Model: VSB 250 M

Fish Transfer Capacity: life fish up to 2 kg

Tank capacity: 250 L (stainless steel)

Max. Total head: 8 m

Compressor: 4 kW- 50 Hz

Power Supply: 3 x 400 V 50 Hz

Water Supply: 5 - 8 L/min

Capacity: 40 m³/hour max (depending on pumping factors)


The system is built in mobile design.

There is a control box with start/stop and manual change-over of pumping cycle.

Including level sensor for automatic operation (changing cycle between filling and emptying).

Empting cycle is based on a timer.

Standard set includes:  6" (150 mm) suction nose for life fish, double separate outlet valve 6" (150 mm) and 4 pc. 6" (150 mm) hose clips.

There is a closed hydraulic power pack for operating the 4 way valve.

The system is СЕ approved.

The system is prepared for remote control with cable (optional).

Quick couplings on in- and outlet are included (optional).