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Marel IPS 3000 Slicer for salmon

Manufactured year: 2006

Condition: Good, working

Slicer IPS 3000 is characterized with efficient workflow and optimum yield.

With laser detection of the fillets, you will achieve an accuracy on the final product which has never been reached before.

The laser vision system measures the volume and there by the size of the fillet. With this data combined with in-weigh data the build in computer calculates the cutting profile to meet the specifications of the final product.

The workflow

Skinless fillets are fed on to the pre-weighing scale. The optimum temperature for slicing depends on the fillet texture, but it is normally between -4° and +4° C.

After the weighing the fillets are dropped on the in-feed conveyor below the scale and into the vision scanner. The computer will calculate how to slice each fillet in order to reach the exact predefined weight of each slice, or to reach a certain weight of each board.

During the slicing process the angle of the knife is altered automatically in an interval between 8° and 30° giving a slice thickness between 2-4 mm.

Each slice is placed gently on to the board according to the preferred number of slices or weight of the board. The distance from the first and last slice to the board edges can be predefined. With this feature you can get the slices adjusted to the window of the packaging foil.

Because of the high accuracy of the slice weight and the precise placing of the slices on the board very few boards needs to be handled when they leave the out-feed conveyor. Thereby the risk of bacterial contamination is reduced significantly. The capacity of a single unit is app. 75 kg/h based on 25 g slice weight and 1,1 kg fillets.

The machine can be delivered with various set ups of packing lines with integrated check-weighing and workstations for final inspection.


The machine operates with 3 versions of software packages. The first option is operating with fixed weight and fixed number of slices on each board e.g. 4 x 25 g or 5 x 30 g.

The second option delivers boards with fixed weight only e.g. boards with 100 g or 200 g containing various numbers of slices

The third option is for slicing whole sides, where it can be defined to hold a maximum of slices with a certain fixed weight e.g. 30 g slices.

The IPS 3000 has a user friendly touch screen control panel for entering the various options and settings.

Capacity: app. 75 kg/h based on 25 g slices and 1,1 kg fillets

Cutting angle: 8°- 30°

Max product height: 45 mm inlet opening

Slice thickness: 2 to 4 mm

Max cutting width: 1 x 220 mm

Max slicing length: 160 mm

Product temperature: - 4° C to + 4° C

Board size: min./max. length = 120 / 600 mm, min./max. width = 120 / 200 mm

Electricity: 3 x 400 V + N + PE, 50/60 Hz fuse 16A

Power consumption: 3 kW

Compressed air: 100 l/min., min. 8 bar pressure, 6 g water per Nm3 air,

Weight: 780 kg

The machine is designed in accordance with CE standards