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Carnitech CT 2330 Spiral Freezer

Manufactured year: 2004

Condition: New

Conveyor's cell dimensions (LxW): 25 x 5 mm

The Carnitech spiral freezer is designed for freezing products for the food processing industry such as fish fillets, whole fish, chicken pieces, bread or products in trays.

Unique flow of air ensures a minimal loss of product. At the same time the products are in optimal contact with the air current for a shorter freezing time.

The freezer is designed to form part of an automatic processing line. On a plastic lamella or steel belt the product is led into the freezer where fans circulate air at a temperature of below -30°C. A quick freezing with a product temperature down to -18°C is achieved.

The simple design with passageway around the spiral ensures that the freezer both regarding cleaning and hygiene applies with the strictest requirements. The operation of the spiral freezer is designed against the best possible user-friendliness. On the well-arranged control panel the freezing times can be adjusted and it is easy to switch from one product to another. It is possible to control the freezing time stepless on the panel and all relevant parameters can be read digitally.

Design: Stainless steel floor with drain for cleaning. Access through freezing room doors with a heating conductor in the frame. Hot-dip galvanized fined tube evaporator.

Product temperature: Inlet: +10°C, outlet: -18°C  (equalized temp.)

The total cooling capacity of evaporators: approximately 400 kW 

Belt width: 900 mm

Max. product height: 100 mm

Cabinet dimensions (LxWxH): approximately 8600 х 6600 х 3400 mm

Power: 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz, 20 kW

Pump flow rate: 5 times evaporated liquid

Defrosting by a hot gas