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Spiral freezer Frigoscandia GC-600

Frigoscandia GC-600 Spiral freezer

Man. year: 2004

Condition: excellent (700 working hours)

Number of tires: 24

Capacity: 1000 kg/hour (product: white fish fillet)

Max. product heigt: 65 mm

Freezing temperature: -50 oC

Refrigerant: Freon R22

Option: Maycom 62 compressors

Freezing capacity of compressor station: 210 000 kCal/hour

Belt width: 660 mm, working - 630 mm

Sizes of chamber (LxWxH): 7300x4000x3370 mm

Dimensions (LxWxH): 7550 х 4550 х 3400 mm