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Line manual gutting for trout and salmon

 Manual gutting line for trout and salmon

Number of workplaces: up to 10

Capacity: up to 40 fishes per minute for one-side work and up to 80 fishes per minute for two-side work (7 tn/hour for fish weight 2 kg)

Transporter wide: 1000 mm


Line NMG10 is designed for salmon and trout processing. It helps to do such operations as:

  • Beheading fish with V-cut. It is possible to leave a fish head;
  • Opening a fish abdomen;
  • Separated removing of roeback and other viscera;
  • Cutting and cleaning of a blood sack with vacuum spoones;
  • Inspection of fish;
  • Cleaning fish inside and outside;
  • Lift fish to 1,2 m to transfer it to pre-packing.

The line is made out of different elements and could be constructed due to customer's requirements.

The main elements are:

  • Heading machine with two knifes, electromechanical or pneumatic, with input and output trays and tray for heads.
  • Transporter with grooves. Band speed can be regulated. Two mode of the tape: stepper and continuous.
  • Trays or transporters for roeback and roe.
  • Trays for waste.
  • Vacuum system of cleaning a blood sack.
  • Washing system with water circulation and scraper transporter for fish lifting