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Vacuum system Euskan VSB 1500

Model: VSB 1500

Fish transfer capacity: live fish up to 6 kg

Tank capacity: 1500 L (stainless steel)

Max. total head: 7 m

Max. rise height: 10 m

Compressor: Samson,  22 kW - 50 Hz

Power supply: 3 x 400 V 50 Hz

Water supply: 20 L/min for 2 bar

Capacity: 150 m³/hour max (depending on pumping factors)


The control system has automatic system PLC with big mesomorphic screen and user menu for choosing a language, control program and set-up.

Built-in level sensor for automatic operation - changing cycle between filling and emptying of vacuum tank.

Water supply is automatically stopped in the case of malfunction.

Standard set includes:  10" (250 mm) suction nose for live fish, 10" (250 mm) outlet valve and 4 hose clips.

There is a closed hydraulic power pack for operating the way valve.

The system is СЕ approved.


-         Remote control system

-         System of quick changing of inlet/outlet valve

-         Extra set of couplings for quick connect/disconnect hoses

-         Ability of pumping over fish to a big distance

-         Section of the pipe (hose) can be increase from 200 to 300 mm (10" - 12").

-         Set of devices for contemporary work of two vacuum system