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Spiral freezer ARCTIC Heinen with system of automatic defrosting (20 levels)

Man. year: 2008

Condition: new (never used)


Sizes: 5.600 x 8.000 mm

Corpus height: 4.500 mm

Moving of transporter belt: upward

0°, clockwise

Height of belt entrance: 800 mm

Height of belt exit: 3.800 мм

Number of levels: 20

Power of main drive: 3 kW

Power of auxiliary drive: 1,5 kW

Belt: high-quality steel grille

Belt width: 660 mm

Useful width: about 600 mm


Work with product

Product: fried fishcakes

Size: 95x14 mm

Weight: 110 g

Temperature on the entrance: +75°C

Temperature on the exit: -18°C

Capacity: 1000 kg/hour

Filling of the belt, cross: 6 * 95 mm


Technical data:

Air cooler:

Quantity: 1

Surface square: 1600 m2

Division lamellas in air direction: 28 / 14 / 7 mm

Pipes/plates: high-quality steel/ aluminium

Defrosting: manual, by air or hot gas

Temperature of air: -30°C


Quantity: 2

Effective fans capacity: 2х9=18 kW

Connection data:

Required total coldness capacity: 195 kW

Refrigerating medium: R404

Evaporation temperature: - 40 °C

Place of connection with air cooler: open end of air cooler's pipe inside the isolation corpus

Hot gas: t > 45°C and pressure, which provides the heat of cooler's surface to +10°C

Power consumption of the freezer: 25 kW (without options)

Electricity: 31 kW (without options)

Supply voltage: 230 / 400 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz