Equipment for food industry


Water defroster NMD-6

Machine is designed for de-frosting of fish blocks in an aqueous medium.

Condition: new

Defroster includes such elements as:

- loading conveyor for raw material (blocks);

- conveyor for distribution to defrosting sections;

- 6 independent defrosting sections;

- unloading conveyor for ready product;

- water pump;

- air injection device;

- control panel.


Working volume of defrosting sections - 6 m3

If the download coefficient is 0.6, the defroster's capacity is 3,6 ton (one time download) 


  Defrosting                                Time of                                            Capacity
     cycle                             loading/unloading                           in 23 working hours
   (hours)                                     (hours)                                    (ton of raw material)


       3                                          0,5                                                   23,6

       4                                          0,5                                                   18,3

       5                                          0,5                                                    15

Defroster is made of stainless steel AISI 304, walls (thickness 3 mm) with reinforced bearing frame.

Transporters - durable plactic modular belts Scanbelt (Denmark).

Electric drives - Gyros (Spain)

Pneumatics - Festo (Germany)

Electronic components - Omron (Japan)


Power: 380V, 3 phases

Consumption of electricity: conveyors 2 kW (not a constant flow), water pump - 6 kW, air injection device - 4 kW.

Compressed air: 4200 l/min in case 0.5 bar (air injection device included)

Cold water (first loading): about 6 m3 per hour

Hot water (heating): about 3 m3 per hour


Sizes of defrosting camera: 3770 х 2250 х 2000 mm

Sizes of loading conveyor: 3705 х 900 х 2130 mm

Sizes of assembled defroster: 6380 х 5030 х 2130 mm

Height of loading to the conveyor: 900 mm (it can be changed)

Height of unloading of ready product: 1120 mm