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Flowlines and Trimming

Trimming table NMT-8s

Number of workplaces: 8

Dimensions (LxWxH): 6225 х 1905 х 1200 mm (width includes platforms)

Size of working area (LxW): 5500 х 805 mm

Max. conveyor speed: 175 mm/second (reduction of speed is possible by the inverter)

Upper belt's width: 805 mm

Lower belt's width: 300 mm

Drive of the upper conveyor - gearmotor, power 0,75 kW

Drive of the lower conveyor - gearmotor, power 0,55 kW

Frame: stainless steel AISI 304

Equipment includes:

-        8 adjusted by height platforms for operators,

-        8 showers for fillet washing,

-        System of continuous washing of the upper belt,

-        Adjusting of conveyor's speed by the inverter

-        Trail for waste delivering to the transporter is under the left hand.