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Carton packing machines

Sprinter carton forming and sealing line

Producer - Sprinter Systems AB (Sweden)

Man.year: 1997

Condition: completely overhauled and ready to run


Max. capacity:  100-110 cartons per minute

It is possible to choose matrix for any size of packing due to the customer's  requirements.

The line is consist of :

1) Sprinter MP Carton former

Dimentions (L x W x H): 1310 x 1600 x 2250

Weight: 750 kg

Operating speed: 17-70 strokes/minute

Supply voltage 380 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz

This MP machine is intended to errect a box (package) from a flat carton blank, which can then be filled with a product. In principle, the MP consists of two moving

parts, a blank feeder, which is an arm provided with suction cups, and a punch bar, to which a number of punch tools for a wide range of pack sizes and shapes (octagonal, hexagonal, triangular, trapezoidal) are attached. Each punch bar is equipped with a security coupling, which is intended to trip and stop the machine if anything gets between the punch and the tool, for example more than one blank. The flat carton blanks are filled into the magazine on the back of the MP, with the printed side facing you. The blanks are fed towards the magazine tongue under an even pressure, by means of a magazine weight and . The blanks are picked from the magazine by means of vacuum and suction cups, which grasp the blank by suction and feed it down to the tool. When the suction cup arm is in its lowest position, a valve is operated mechanically and the blank is aligned in the correct position by means of a number of guides fitted to the tool bed. The blank is then struck by the punch, which forms and locks the blank to a box, working together with the tool.

Machine is made of rust protected material and easy to operate. The tools and are easily changed and independently operated.

2) Sprinter S-2000-GM Carton sealer

Dimentions (L x W x H): 5350 x 1800 x 1580

Weight: 1800 kg

Supply voltage 380 V, 3 phases, 50 Hz

The carton is erected and filled as usual before entering the S-2000. Note that the in-feed conveyor must not run faster then the gating conveyor in the S-2000.

The filled cartons are fed from the in-feed conveyor to the gating unit where they are sucked onto the belt by vacuum. The cartons then enter Step I, where they are spaced out at a preset distance to allow them to be turned on later easily.

The lid is folded down by a raised round belt and then adjusted by the lid corrector. Hot melt glue is then sprayed onto the front of the carton by the hot melt gun. The front flap of the carton is folded down onto the front of the carton by a roller assembly and  pressed against the front of the carton by the pressure belt. Now the front flap is sealed.

The carton now leaves the first step and is fed onto the turning conveyor. There, the carton actuates a rocker which in turn actuates a series of lugs on the turning belt, which create a "pocket" for the carton. The carton is now turned, since the turning conveyor is travelling faster than the turning side belt. At the entrance to Step II the carton is brought against a rail, which guides it straight into Step II. The sealing process is the same here as in Step I. 

The S-2000 is equipped with raised belts that permit a certain degree of overfill, up to 5 millimeters. This is made possible by a number of sprung blocks. This means that production need not be stopped in the event of overfilling. Note that although it is possible, you should not deliberately overfill cartons. This feature is designed solely to safeguard the machine and production process.