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Weighting system for boxes Linco (gross /net)

Manufacturer - Linco Food Systems A/S (Denmark)

Man. year: 2012

Condition: new

Weighting  system for boxes (gross /net) is designed to determine weight of alive birds by weighting full and empty boxes and calculation the difference in their weight.

The system includes two weighting modules with feeding chain conveyors, a device for mechanical stopping boxes, a strain gauge transducer, a control unit and electromagnetic valves. To every feeding conveyor corresponds a weighting conveyor. System includes weighting computer with the software.

Power consumption:

Feeding conveyor - 2 x 0,55 kW

Weighting conveyor - 2 x 1,55 kW

Air consumption:   4 l/min

Dimensions: length - 3,0-3,8 m, width - 1,65-2,3 m, height - 1,05 m.