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Humber Spiral Freezer FS 600/15

Type FS 600/15

Manufacturer: Alfotech Denmark

Man. year: 2002

Capacity: approx. 1200 kg/h

Number of stores: 12

Belt width (Gross/Net): 660/604 mm

Length or the belt: 142 m

Max. product height: 50 mm

Weight of product, free placed on a belt: 7 kg/m2

The capacity of the system is dependent on the cooling times between 15 and 45 minutes.

Dimensions of the cabinet (LxWxH): 7890 x 5230 x 3405 mm

Needed cooling capacity: approx. 175 kW/-38C

Capacity of fans: 33 kW - 3 pc or 11,0 kW

Configuration: North - South