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Injector Gunther PI 258 MAC

Man. year: 2006

The high-performance machine designed for injecting а fish, meat and poultry by а brine and marinade.  

Needles quantity: 258

Needles: diameter - 4 mm, length - 365 mm

Conveyor width (working): 605 mm

Height of needle bridge rising: 40-220 mm

Max. product height: 216 mm

Movement per stroke: 72/108/216 mm

Quantity of rises per minute: 5-50

Volume of injection: 5 - 140%

Required power: 15-19 kW

Arbitrary choice of start and finish points of injection

Reducing of a brine circulation

Maximum possible injecting accuracy

Free choice of brine pressure parameters

Automatic rise of the needle bridge to a required height

System of easy changing of needles

Easy changing of separate needles

Easy cleaning

Extra needle protection

Completed with: piston pump JP3050, hydraulic unit Danfoss

Servomotor of needle bridge

Microprocessor control

Filter system installed

Brine cooling device installed

Needle beam equipped with strippers to prevent lifting of product together with needle bridge

Installing of needles of different versions due to a product is possible

Adjustment of the brine valve

Optimal distribution of a brine inside a product

Low deterioration of mechanical components

High capacity of the machine

Polyethylene conveyor belt can be easy removed and easy cleaned

Controller MC2R with a touch screen

100 programs of injection

Smooth adjustment

Automatic cleaning program

Direct servo drive 

Dimensions (LхWхH): 2500х1350х2200/2600 mm