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Skinning equipment for fish

Skinning machine Trio FDS 3N

Man. year: 2000

Condition: overhauled

Country of origin: Denmark

The machine provides gentle skin removing without damaging meat.

Capacity: up to 150 fillet per minute

Fillets are place on the conveyor and fix by freezing to the freezer drum. A product is frozen on 0,1 mm. During the movement around the mobile band knife cuts a skin. Thickness of skinning is adjusts from 0 to 12 mm. After that, a skin scrapped off from the drum.

The machine allows to provide deep skinning, to remove skin from a soft fillet or fillet with week skin, from fillet without layer between skin and meat. It is also suitable for skinning a flat fish without tail bifurcation.

Conveyor width: 330 mm

Staff: 1-2 persons

Refrigerant: R22

Water consumption: 10-12 l/min

Power: 8,5 kW

Dimensions (L x W x H): 2410 x 1114 x 1510 mm

Weight: 980 kg


This machine equipped with stainless steel drum,there is one conveyor for in feed and outgoing.

Machine has own integrated refrigerant system,running on Freon 507 ,condenser designed for fresh water, installed Bitzer compressor.