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Line for portioning meat mince and hamburgers producing

Condition: new

Line elaborated to produce a high quality portioned minced meat. Can be equiped for producing hamburgers.

Сapacity: up to 3000 kg per hour

Raw material:

Heavy duty construction made from AISI-304 stainless steel.

Line consists of: electronic vacuum stuffer EC-18, minced meat portioning module LPCP-130, automatic trays feeding module and conveyor system to process the charged trays. All the components of the line are synchronized and controlled by software.

Grinder PA-200

Automatic mincer machine designed to mincing all types of refrigerated or frozen meat chopped with frozen meat blocs breaking machine.

Outlet diameter: 200 mm

Hopper volume: 320 l

Raw material: approx. 90x20x60 mm, to: -12oC


Grid holes




Ø  3 mm



3500   Kg/h

Ø  6 mm



6000   Kg/h

Ø  6 mm



8500   Kg/h

Ø  3 mm



5500   Kg/h

Equipped with two screws - feed screw to feed a raw material and working screw for meat cutting. A feed screw of a special casting is perpendicular to the working screw. Screw and screw housing are made of solid stainless steel. Due to the special hardening of inner surfaces of the screw housing, the mechanical wear is practically eliminated.

The machine runs by a motor with transmission on two gears.

Three-phase two-speed motor, totally enclosed, moisture protection IP 55 type.

A locking device for the knife ensures gentle cutting and minimal friction. The compression of cutting set at high pressure of meat flow is not excessive, what prevents the deterioration of knives and plates.

Easy and safe maintenance. Screws can be easily removed by a screw pusher. Provided with a device at the outlet of the product to protect hands from injury, electrically lockable. Switch-fuse on the top edge of the hopper. Operator footstep with synchronous system of machine stop to ensure the operator safety.

Massive stainless steel construction

Voltage: 380 V, 3 ph, 50 Hz

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1665x1604x1650 mm

Weight: 1010 kg

The machine is supplied with three plates (diameter holes: 5 and 6 mm) and two knives.

Vacuum stuffer EC-18

Designed for producing sausages by filling the different types of casing by a meat mince. Vacuum filler continuous EC-18 has been designed for use in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Standard hopper capacity: 85 liter / 120 liter / 250

Output: 3000 kg per hour

Maximum portion production: 600 portions / minute

Portions weight: 10 - 10.000

The stuffer is equipped with a twister (supplied with a set of nozzles 3: 12, 15, 18 mm). Work perfectly with all types of cases. The design of twister gate enables its fast and easy removal from the machine.

The stuffer is equipped with a special connector -  electron-pulse synchronizer for clipping machine.

Control of process parameters is carried out with tactile control panel. Simple and easy to use menu will quickly configure, facilitate maintenance and storage of standard user tasks.

Meat feeding system by a rotor of 10 paddles made of a special, heavy-duty, food polyethylene.

Max. stuffer pressure: 30 bar

Vacuum pump capacity: 21 m³/h

Vacuum pump power: 0.75 kW

Dimensions: hopper 85 kg - 800x750x1650 mm, 120 kg - 870x850x1730 mm, 250 kg - 1050x1050x1900 mm

Weight: 400 kg

Supplied with the following standard accessories: 3 funnels set (12 mm conic, 20 mm and 30 mm) 1 set of tools, 2 spare paddles.

Minced meat portioning machine LPCP-130

The minced meat portioning line allows the manufacturing of high quality minced products.

Outlet diameter: 130 mm

The accuracy of portioning is +/- 1%.

Capacity: up to 5400 kg/h max.

Max. portioning speed: 90 portions per minute

Max. portion size (WxH): 180x70 mm

Drive power: 2,5 kw

Motor power transmission: 0.25 kw

Compressed air consumption: 40 litres/ min

Maximum size width of paper roll: 180 mm

Dimensions: 1910x1030x1120 mm

Combined with the stuffer, the portioner is ideal for filling standard trays with minced meat. The machine also provides good precision in the length and weight of the portion.

The hard particles are automatically removed out of mince by automatic separator.

Regulation of the progressive speed.

Automatic trays feeding module and conveyor system

The system includes:
Conveyor for laying the trays with minced meat.

Automatic trays feeding module.

The system of trays separation in 3 rows for feeding them to the packaging.

The moving and handling trays conveyor.

Trays alignment system.

Automatic tray feeder

The control of entire supply and handling trays system provides by the integrated automatic system of process control.

Control for conveyors work and the start of the lines carry from the control panel.

The lines speed is configured depending to portioning line performance.
Conveyors is equipped with emergency stop buttons.

Conveyors: modular line of INTRALOX or UNI polypropylene.

The trays handling system and conveyor frame are made of stainless steel.

Electrical power: 0,5 kW

Total dimensions: 4100 х 1300 х 900 mm

Total weight: 250 kg