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Koppens 400 – Burger producing line

Manufactured year: 2001-2002

Condition: excellent

The line includes forming, battering and breading machines

Burger forming machine Koppens VM400 HSE

Man. year: 2002

Condition: rebuilt

Designed for forming and accurate portioning by weight of meat, poultry, vegetable, potato or fish mince.

Conveyor width: 400 mm

Speed: 30 strokes per minute

Capacity: up to 3000 kg/h

Filler volume: 70 l

Portion weight: not more than 1 kg

Forming plate: 600 х 400 mm

Thickness of forming plate (product): from 6 mm to 40 mm

Set of matrixes for changing product shapes. Any product shape for order.

Electricity: 3-380 V / 50 Hz / 4,94 kW / 11,61 A

Dimensions: 2120х1370х2260 mm

Weight: 634 kg

Battering machine Koppens WTC-400

Man. year: 2001

Condition: excellent (after service)

Designed for covering product by a batter, also can be used for covering by marinade or fat. It has three battering curtains, which cover all sides of a product. Extra batter is removed by an air flow.

Conveyor width: 400 mm

Power: 0,62 kW

Weight: 135 kg

Breading machine Koppens PR400

Man. year: 2001

Condition: excellent (after service)

Designed for covering product by a crumb or flour. It can work with different types of crumb. Equipped with crumb recycling system. Blowing system for removing extra crumb installed.

Conveyor width: 400 mm

Hopper for crumb: 40 l

Conveyor speed: 1-15 m/min

Reticulate conveyor width: 400 mm

Reliable construction made of stainless steel

Adjustable pressing roller;

Easy dismantling for cleaning and washing;

Easy-access control elements.

Power: 1,5 kW

Weight: 330 kg