Equipment for food industry

Fish Processing Equipment

Fish oil processing plant

Condition: Perfect

Fish oil processing line with capacity: 1500 kg/h

Equipped with next machines:

Stainless conveyor with hopper

Including gear motor: 3 kW

Asmico mincer 160/AB-SS with knife system in special steel

Power: 11 kW

Buffer tank after the mincer

Build to fit the transport pump

Including level control for start/stop of gear motor on conveyor

Volume: 50 l

Excenter screw pump SW042HS1R5/H423 

Capacity: 1500 l/hour

Motor: 1,1 kW

Contherm 6x9 scrape heat exchanger

Including hydraulic station

Motor: 5,5 kW

Alfa Laval decanter

Motor: 22 kW

Mono pump

Alfa Laval stick water separator FMAPX309BGP-74-50

Motor: 7,5 kW

Alfa Laval purifier separator

Motor: 7,5 kW   

Dosing unit for anti-oxidant    

Incl. SERA dosing pump

2 x Product pump type SR001

Centrifuge starter and control panel for decanter and separators

Electrical panel

Cooling unit including ventilator + SONDEX plate heat exchanger