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Kroma Gutmaster 3000 Gutting machine for salmon

Man.year: 2016

Condition: New

Capacity: up to 35 fish per minute

The size range of fish from 1 to 3 kg

Power: 3 kW

Dimensions (L x W x H): 5400 x 1000 x 1700 mm

Weight: 1800 kg

GUTMASTER 3000 machine with a table to test fish and the table to separate calves from giblets.

Description of the system

Machine guts the fish, providing gentle removal of caviar. Caviar gets on the conveyor, which delivers it to the sorting table. There eggs separated from the viscera, after which it is ready for further processing.
The fish is washed and supplied to the test table. After checking it is sorted by weight and is ready for further processing and packaging.

Stage download
At the station, load the operator puts the fish belly up and head towards the special seat, and then takes the fish between the 2nd infeed conveyor. Once a fish gets into the car, automatic brushes on each side keep it in the middle, until it is placed on the hook.

Measurement system
After the stage of loading the fish passes through the measuring wheel to measure the height of the fish. Also, the machine measures the length of the fish. Thus, the apparatus receives data that looks like a fish.
The machine 16 is programmed for different sizes of fish, and after measuring the PLC can determine the size of the car received by the fish. This information is saved throughout the cycle and the machine knives regulates the basis of measurements. This makes it possible to continuously process one after another, fishes of different sizes.

Branchial knife

According to the measurement results, it is possible to outline the curve of the belly of the fish and set different knives in a position that will provide the best cut. Branchial blade diameter of 125 mm, set in motion a hydraulic motor, opens the throat (kaltyk) fish. The device keeps the esophagus fish and gill knife is cutting, while the fish are still moving forward.

Abdominal opener

When gill knife incision throat of fish in motion peak, which will raise the belly of fishes and makes the cut, based on the size of the fish. The built in defiance of the knife 125 mm easily cuts the belly, but does not touch offal or eggs, because they do not go beyond the peaks.


Removing the guts
The operator grasps and pulls the giblets and eggs if you want to dispose of the eggs, liver, or other parts of the intestine.

Knife blood kidney
Blood kidney incision sharp, specially designed knife, which is connected to a suction device.

After that 2-3 brushes clean the fish from the offal and blood. At this stage, water can be added to wash simultaneously with cleaning the fish.
At the end of the process of gutting the fish is removed from the hook and removed from the machine for further processing.

The machine is made of stainless steel or other materials approved for the food industry.
The frame of the machine is closed in order to avoid an open spraying tiny particles of fish, thus improving the working conditions of operators.

Control Panel
The control panel is designed as a touch screen.  



 It makes it possible to:- Adjust the speed of the machine

- Change the number of the operator who works his shift

- Track the number of gutted fish with the work of each operator

- Track the total number of machine eviscerated fish.

Thus, it is possible to change the machine configuration. For example - the place where starts and ends cut abdominal knife.

To work on the machines GUTMASTER 3000 requires one operator to the stage of fish and one bookmark - to check, as well as 1-2 people for caviar recess.