Equipment for food industry

Fish Processing Equipment

KTM Roller grading line

Condition: Excellent

9 rollers

Hydraulic driven

Was used for alaska pollock

Roller's lenght : 3000 mm

Quantity of grades: 3 + 1

This grader work on the rotating rollers grading principle and use a hydraulic motor with chain drive for rollers and have a grading capacity depends of size fish.

Sorting of fishes are provided by adjustable distance between rollers. It's done by simply rotating shaft on the machine.

The machine provides quick and accurate grading for the fish. It divides a fish species such as trout, salmon or cod, to four size groups. 

All the equipment components are made of high-grade materials, such as stainless steel, anodised  aluminium and nylon. Servicing of the equipment is negligible, and it is easy to clean.

Adjustable table rollers offer the ability to alter both gradient and distance between rollers.The grading machine provides very quiet operation for an improved working environment. Importantly the machine is extremely hygienic, providing trouble-free cleaning in order to meet the strictest EU regulations for the handling of food.