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Water defroster Melbu Tech

Man.year: 2004

Condition: As new, never used

Volume: 35 m3

Capacity: 1 load of 17 tons of fish

This defroster designed for defrosting of frozen blocks of fish. Defroster consists of slotted conveyor for feeding of blocks, defrosting tank, volume of about 35m3, a control unit, water pump and air blower.

The tank is divided into 8 sectors and divider is mounted on a vertical shaft with electric motor.

Frozen fish blocks are loaded inside tank by slotted conveyor and sequentially loaded into sectors of the tank: first sector is loaded at first, then the tank is rotated by 1\8 of the turn, next sector id loaded and so on.

The temperature of water in defrosting tank of 6-10C ensures gradual defrosting of the fish.

4 cycles are possible during 24 hours

Electricity: 380V, 50/60 Hz

Power: 6,5 kw

Compressed air: 0,5-1,0 bar, 4200 l/min

Measurements: Diameter = 5100, height = 4875 mm

Receiving tank with elevating conveyor 

Stainless steel

Tank volume: 2000 l

Elevating slotted conveyor with plastic belt Intralox

Width of conveyor: 600 mm

Electrical drive: 0,55 kW

Loading slotted conveyor

Stainless steel. Elevating slotted conveyor with plastic belt Intralox.

Width of conveyor: 980 mm

Length: 4500 mm

Electrical drive: 0,55 kW

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