Equipment for food industry

Bone separator

Baader 601 Bone separator

Man.year: 2000

Condition: Good, working

Baader 601 separates raw meat material from waste components - cartilages, veins, skin and bones.

A flexible squeezing belt transports a product to a rotating perforated drum. There the raw material is go through a brief pressing operation. The hard particles such as bone and skin stay outside, soft parts are pushed inside the drum through the holes. 

Such model of separator differs by improved construction of loading and reliability. It is able to process coarse raw material such as shoulder bones.

Capacity: up to 700 kg per hour

Drum: 1, 3, 8 mm

Electricity: 400 V - 3 - 50 Hz, 14 A

Power consumption: 4 kW

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1800 x 1080 x 1170 mm

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