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Schmidt-Bretten Sigma Hydrolysed fish protein evaporator

Man.year: 2009

Condition: Good, working

Producer: API Schmidt-Bretten Gmbh (Germany)

Model: Sigmastar

To be used for concentrating of fish peptone solutions (hydrolysed fish protein) by evaporation of 810 kg/h of water

Teoretical capacity: 1620 kg/h of fish peptone solution 

The unique construction of the SIGMASTAR evaporization plates makes it possible to apply SIGMASTAR in a number of different evaporization processes. With problem products (e.g. viscous streams, slurries, and liquids with fouling tendencies) which cannot be processed with falling film evaporators, the SIGMASTAR evaporizer performs especially smoothly and successfully.
Advantages of Sigmastar:

  • Superior product distribution due to the thermo-siphon principle.
  • Extremely short residence time, to guarantee a gentle treatment of the product.
  • Low pressure losses across the tubes, a benefit of the short tube length.
  • High concentrations and viscosities are possible due to the high vapor velocity in a rising film.
  • Clearly defined product flow path. There is no chance of local over-concentration.
  • Lower cost heat transfer area, compared to other evaporation systems.
  • No components are welded to the plate surface that can cause corrosion and build up of fibrous materials.
  • Flexible design. Capacity changes can be made easily by adding or removing plates.


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