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Freezing and Defrosting Equipment

Gram KVB - 24 Vertical plate freezers

Man.year: 1980's

Condition: Good, working

Number of plates: 25

Number of stations: 24

Block size: 1070 x 535 x 75 mm

Dimensions (LxWxH): 2820 x 1280 x 1260 mm 

Weight: 1900 kg

Refrigerant: Ammonia

Equipped with loading\discharge device


1.2      Gram vertical plate freezer KVB-24 is a semiautomatic plate freezer intended for the bulk freezing of whole fish, fish products, meat, mink food, pet food, etc.

2.1      FUNCTION

The plate freezer is arranged for loading and unloading from the top. Unloading is semi-automatic as the bottom frames are pressed up, thus lifting the frozen blocks up and out through the top of the unit by means of a hydraulic system. The KVB-24 is intended for connection with an external hydraulic pump unit.

2.3      The plate freezer can be loaded and unloaded from both sides and ends, depending, however, on the running of connection piping.

2.4      The blocks can be readily palletized by pushing them on to a pallet held by a fork lift at the ends or sides of the plate freezer, or they can be lifted out of the KVB-24 by means of a gripper system and taken to the palletizing point by a travelling crane installation or a truck.

The blocks are of a regular size with a uniform thickness and can thus be stacked without problems.

2.5      Refrigeration system. The plate freezer is intended for connection with a refrigeration plant for forced circulation of the refrigerant. Thawing of'the freezer plates before unloading is by hot gas.

2.6      Control of the hydraulic system and the solenoid valves for freezing and defrosting is normally effected by manual operation of push buttons, but a partly automatic control can also be arranged.


3.2      The plate freezer is accommodated in a hot-dip galvanized framework manufactured from closed steel profiles.

3.3      The freezer plates are manufactured from ex-truded aluminium and connected to the refrigerant headers by means of flexible hose connections.


3.11    A hydraulic pump unit is required for the operation of the plate freezer.

3.12    Several plate freezers can be operated by the same pump unit. The number of plate freezers operated by a pump unit will partly depend on the working routines employed and partly on the buffer volume of the unit. A standard hydraulic unit is normally capable of operating six plate freeze rs.


3.21    The standard plate freezer KVB-24 is capable of freezing 24 blocks at a time, but it can be supplied with a reduced number of freezer plates for the freezing of down to 16 blocks at a time. The block size remains unchanged at a reduced number of freezer plates.

3.22    Floor heating. In order to prevent frost heave, we recommend that floor heating is always installed.