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Smoking equipment

Afos A.S.R. Smoking chamber

Man.year: 1999

Condition: Good, working

Raw material: Salmon, Trout, Herring, Black Halibut and Meat.

Ready product: Smoked by; Sawdust smoke


- Horizontal air circulation system for products in a lying position


- Fully automatic regenerative separate smoke generation for sawdust smoke

- All kinds of smoking processes: hot smoking, intensive smoking, cold smoking

- Modular design and individual sizes: from the single-truck to the multi-truck-smokehouse for the industrial production

- Floor passable

- Easy to clean with external automatic cleaning system

- Integrated bottom drainage

- Microprocessor control pack, reliable repeatable processes

- Easy to install on the spot

- cooling battery fitted as standard

- 11 trolleys (stainless-steal)

- Automatic air flow reversal

- Chart recorder

- Smoke monitoring system

- Cooling system

- Weight watcher system

- Steam heating

- Shower system