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Marel Scanvaegt ScanCombiner SC5414 Multihead Weigher

Man.year: 2004

Condition: Good, working

Working with different types of fresh, frozen or core frozen product. 

Portion sizes: from 25g up to 50kg with gentle multidrop

Capacities:  up to 120 portions per minute

Product dimensions: up to Ø120mm for the 2 liter machine series

Product infeed: The product is transported on a Z-Conveyor into the feeding vibrator 

This Marel's multihead weigher has 14 weighing batcher sections and can output a portion with a volume of 2 litres in one drop. Through the Z-Conveyor and feeding vibrator, products are loaded automatically into the Multihead Weigher's weighing hoppers. The exact weight of each product load is registered, after which the weighing hopper releases the product into one of the memory hoppers below. The Multihead Weigher then calculates the best possible combination of the weights in the holding hoppers, in order to put together a final batch with the exact predetermined target weight.