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Tunnel microwave defroster SAIREM TMW75B

Max.year: 2013

Max. capacity: 3000 kg/hour (defrosting from  - 20 to -4 °C)

This capacity achieved using one generator with max. power of microwave emitting 75 kW. Capacity depends of start and final temperature and product features.

Processing area size (length x width): 2958 x 900 mm

Belt speed: 50-350 cm/min

Belt: HABASIT M2510

Applicator made of stainless steel

Transfer of microwave emitting: waveguide WR975

Adjustable set-ups: belt speed, power of microwave emitting

Programs: 50

Way of cooling: water, min. water consumption 6 l/min

Product enters and exits throw the flaps, which limit losses of microwave emitting less than 5 mW/cm2. The water flow, which absorbs emitting, goes throw the entrance and exit gateway to keep this losses level.

Doors equipped with two-levels system of blocking allows to provide maintenance and cleaning.

Transport belt Habasit  provides a transfer of product. It is made of silicone armed with fiberglass, and runs by motor with adjustable shaft rotating speed.  

Oven is made of stainless steel 304L, excluding mechanical components, belts and drives of belt transporter, and some units connected with transfer of microwave emitting.


-  Total length: 12184 mm

-  Total width: 2910 mm (with open doors)

-  Total height: 4875 mm