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Freezing and Defrosting Equipment

Sunwell Slurry-Ice Generator System

Man.year: 2010's

Condition: Excellent

Model: IG 7.0-TV

Capacity: 7 tons per day


• Production and delivery of deepchillTM slurry
with crystal concentration of up to 40%

• Storage of deepchillTM slurry in a 1.5 m3
insulated storage tank

Onboard Benefits

• Rapid chilling of the large volume of fish in the
stocker ponds (measured at 1°C per minute)

• Colder/firmer fish is easier and faster to
process on board (gutting /beheading), equals
faster throughput

• Pumpable deepchillTM is ideal for boxing at sea
in either the slurry or the dry crystal form with
less labor required

• Deepchilled fish is stored and landed at 2°C
lower core temperature as compared to flake

• Quality improvement and longer shelf live.




On the top, the fish was chilled with scally ice, on the bottom with slurry ice

The unit also equipped with Bitzer compressor, model 4EC-4.2

Capacity: 22.72 m3\h

Refrigerant: R22

Voltage: 3 x 400 V\50 Hz

Weight: 84 kg