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Salmco SM5290 Slicer for fish

Man.year: 2009

Condition: Good, working

This slicer is designed for cutting salmon fillets, mackerel, herring with the ability to work with the product at a temperature of -4C.

The design of the machine provides simple height adjustment.

Fillet is fed by the operator to the feeding device to the cutting tool. Made of stainless steel, which protects against the corrosive effects of water and cleaning agents.

Capacity: up to 100 cuts per minute

Max. product size (WxH): 210x90 mm

Cutting angle: from 15 to 90 g

Thickness of slices: 2-60 mm

Portions: 3 - 12 slices

Cutting temperature: from -4 to +6 С

Slicing unit with feeding conveyor are placed on the frame with adjustable feet made of stainless steel/ The machine includes conveyor system for sliced product and stainless steel switch box for pneumatic and microprocessor with integrated heating system.

Voltage: 230 V/1/50 Hz - 115 V/1/60 Hz

Power: 1 kW

Compressed air: 700 kPa / 120 liters per minute

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1300 х 600 х 1300 mm

Weight: 130 kg

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