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Bone separator

Baader 604 Bone separator

Man.year: 2014

Condition: New

Bone separating is approved method for separating soft and solid components. This baader unit separate bones from meat and poultry and fish mince from trimmings as well, and also extracts puree and juice production from fruits and vegetables. 

How it works : a squeezing belt feeds the product to a perforated drum and presses the soft components through the holes of the drum. The solid components remain outside the drum. The ratio between yield and quality can be influenced by means of adjusting the pressure roller. Baader machine guarantees highest yield and a superior quality.

Capacity: up to 1500 kg\h on 3 mm diameter drum. Depends on product also.

Hole diameter: 1,3 and 3 mm

Power: 7,5 kW

Weight: 1200 kg

One operator needs to work.