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Pisces FR-9000 MK-IV Filleting machine for salmon

Man.year: 2013

Condition: Good, working

This machine designed for filleting salmon (mainly wild salmon and trout).

How it works: All processes controlled by programmable PC that measures the length of each fish at the entrance to the machine. Knowing these data, the FR-9000 changes the cutting parameters according to the preselected cutting value to obtain the maximum fillet yield.

Pisces FR-9000 MK IV is equipped with three pairs of disc knives to remove the ridge - one upper, one lower, and one directly at the level of the ridge (having a width between the knives closest to the width of the ridge), which gives the maximum yield of fillets (minimum meat on the ridge). After removing the ridge, a pair of reciprocating knives cuts the costal bones, thereby producing smooth, undamaged fillets. 

The machine has the ability to choose the type of cutting - for example, trimm-C (with the preservation of white skin on the abdomen), trim-D (with removal of the skin), it is also possible to produce fillets with costal bones if required.

Toch screen for controlling process where operator fixed required cut set and where all data storing.

Capacity: 25 fish per minute (if weight approx. 5 kg)

Weight of fish: 2 - 10 kg

Water consumption: 18 l\min

Power: 6 kW

Speed of belt: 40 m\s

Weight of machine: 450 kg

Equipped also with bulkfeeder for comfort and fast work of operator.

Product after filleting:


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