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Salmco 5118 Slicer for salmon

Man.year: 2012

Condition: Excellent

Slicer for cutting cooled salmon and the same fish species

Capacity: up to 75 slices per minute

Cutting angle: 10° - 40°

Thickness of slices: 2-10 mm

Product temperature:  from - 4°С to + 6°С

The unit consists of:

1.       Stainless steel base with height-adjustable feet or rollers with brakes.

2.       Cutting device with in-feeding system.

3.       Conveyor system for transporting fish slices.

4.       Stainless steel switchgear cabinet (IP65) for pneumatic system and microprocessor.

Technical data:

Voltage: 230 V /1/50 Hz

Power: 1 kW

Pneumatics: 700 kPa/120 l per minute

Dimensions (LхWхH): 1300 х 600 х 1300 mm

Weight: 130 kg

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