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Bizerba GLE weigh labeling machine with additional sorting table

Manufactured year: 2011

Condition: Good, working

Designed for automatic weighing and labeling packages with products. Double conveyor line provides high yield.

Capacity: up to 70 packs per minute

Weighing ranges 6 kg 6/10 kg 12 kg 6/15 kg Verification scale interval 2 g (optionally 1 g), min. FPV 500/150 g Verification scale interval 1/2 g, min. FPV 150 g Verification scale interval 2 g, min. FPV 500 g Verification scale interval 2/5 g, min. FPV 150 g

Printing technology Printing method
Print width
Print speed
Label output
Thermal direct (optionally thermal transfer)
8 dot/mm (optionally 12 dot/mm)
80 mm (optionally 104 mm)
max. 300 mm/s
120 mm



Label size

Label roll

min. W 30 mm x H 30 mm to W 120 mm x H 150 mm
(depending on applicator type, further dimensions 
available as special version)
Core diameter 76 mm
(optionally 74-82 mm, 99-107 mm)
Outer diameter 300 mm
Core diameter 25.4 mm
Outer diameter 81 mm

Package size min. W 40 mm x L 40 mm x H >1 mm
max. W 400 mm x L 650 mm x H 250 mm

This device can be easily to integrate to line, especially after thermoforming machine.

Also additional sorting table prevent of mess packages skipping them in one row.

Suitable for small industries.