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Marel RevoPortioner TRP 400 Burger forming machine

Manufactured year: 2013

Condition: Good, working

This machine designed for forming meat products by burger and meatballs type.

Capacity per hour reaches about 1000 kilogram.

How it works:

Mince is loaded through the upper collecting hopper and enters to the molding drum through the feeding system. Then drum made a portions of burgers according to the predetermined weight. 

Example of product

Marel RevoPortioner TRP 400 

Optionally can be equipped with 2 another drums for producing different shape of meat products: either stick type or hand made shape burgers.

The machine is for sale with following items:

- Forming machine Townsend RevoPortioner TPR400

- Trolley lift Townsend TRP400

- Forming drums - 3 pc

- Trolley for washing of tools

- Trolley for drum removal with lifting device

- Drum washing machine