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Salmon roe skein eggstractor

Condition: New

This machine designed for extracting roe from the salmon skein. 

How does it work? The operator put the skein of roe on a conveyor belt which drives raw straight to separation drum. At output you get cleaned roe grains and skein film separately. Suitable for stationary caviar workshops, shipping depots, and fishing fleet.


- Continuous processing

- The careful cleaning and separation between film and roe

- Drying function for separated roe

Capacity: 350 kg per hour

Water consumption is no more than 15 liters per minute.

Power: 3,12 kW

Voltage: 220 \ 380 V

Volume of roe feeding section: 30 liters

Working temperature: -10 to + 40 C

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1940 x 680 x 1095 mm

Weight: approximately 200 kg