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Manual gutting line for salmonidae fish species

Condition: New

Line complete with next equipment:

1. Trimming table for 4 operators.

Designed for staff of 4 people. In this variation, the table is located above the spiral tank for exsanguination, and the staff on the railing with rails. The fish, along a lifting conveyor, falls into an accumulation zone in the center of the table, where the operator performs trimming. After trimming, the operator directs the fish into the chute, where it collapses into a spiral exsanguination tank.

2. Spiral tube for blood draining (divided into two sections).

Designed for exsanguination of fish. This tank is the rounded at the bottom, consisting of two sections filled with water. Inside each of the sections auger rotates, which provides uniform, constant movement of the fish, from the loading area to the unloading area. In the first section, primary (main) bleeding is carried out, then fish, by means of blades rotating at a given speed, is transferred to the second section. After completing a complete bleeding cycle (10-12 minutes), the fish falls out on the buffer table before the line of gutting. Spiral bled tanks, can be equipped with compressed air supply, which allows increasing the efficiency of bleeding, due to the active and careful movement of fish in the water.

3. Buffer table 

4. Gutting line NMG 10

Gutting line NMG 10. The NMG 10T line is intended for gutting trout and careful selection and extraction of caviar. 

5. Grader M 2000 for 6 bins

Single line grader for sorting raw fish. The grader is equipped with baskets and high-precision dynamic scales.

6. Table for storing fish

Designed for the accumulation of graded fish before weighing and laying in boxes.

7. Weighing station 

it is a mobile weight post equipped with platform scales and label printers. The operator collects the necessary batch of weight in the container (box, tray, baking sheet, etc.), weigh and marks with information about the type of product, its weight, batch number, change, date of packaging, etc.