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Flowlines and Trimming

Marel Intelligent trimming flowline for 16 stations

Manufactured year: 2010's

Condition: Good, working

Double trimming line with 16 working station (8 stations by each side).

The whitefish trimming line has individual operator stations for trimming fillets. Each station has a worktable and bins for products and trimmings. Each operator is individually monitored allowing the implementation of personal achievement systems. 

Marel's trimming line for whitefish plays a key role in the company's flowline concept. The line is also suitable for other species, for example catfish, or where the product needs to be lit up on an illuminated workbench for inspection. 

Trimming line equipped with next devices:

- Inspection table with weigh device Marel M 6000

- Double lane dynamic weight station M 3000

- Weight bin for offals M 2200

- Separator (Discharge unit for 6 gates with additional outfeed conveyor)

Each working station has a bin for three main products. One bin for a secondary product.

Every station equipped with:

- Control display by Marel RT 220

- Knife holder

- Water gun

- Individual chair

- Adjustable step platform

- Lights on the table  


Marel 16 station Trimming