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Finncold Kometos Defroster (Thawing room)

Manufactured year: 2010's

Condition: Good, working

This thawing room designed for minimizing weight loss of frozen products. Used to work at a salmon factory. Due to modern technologies, all risks of losing profit are reduced. Inner condition and surface of a product doesn't expose to harmful destruction through adjusting the temperature and humidity of the room using completely natural and clean high-speed wind from the fan.

Capacity: up to 16 pallets or 10 tons of product

Activity of thawing from -20 °C (-18 °C) to +2 °C, products in boxes or trolleys from -20 °C (-18 °C) to -2 °C for 12 hours. 

The suitable thaw of product achieving when the temperature starts from -20 °C (-18 °C) in case of both the scheduled process and the so-called direct thawing process.