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Heinen compact spiral freezer

Manufactured year: 2010's

Condition: Good, working

The compact offers flexible belt configurations in three different layouts, rotating clockwise or counter-clockwise and upwards or downwards conveying. The number of tiers and clearance between the tiers can be adapted to the particular product and capacity.

The wall and ceiling panels of the insulating enclosure are lined inside with stainless steel, while the floor consists of a fully seam-welded stainless steel tray with defined drains. The unit can be accessed by means of two stainless steel doors in the insulating enclosure with contact switches and an electrical frame heating.  

Conveyor direction: Up and Down

The direction of rotation is clockwise for up direction and counter-clockwise for down direction.

Infeed height 800 mm for up and 3000 mm for down direction.

Discharge height 3000 mm for up and 800 mm for down direction.

Number of tiers: 11

Capacity of drives 1.5 + 0.55 kW

Belt material: stainless steel

Belt width: 457 mm (usable are approximately 400 mm)

Air temperature: - 30 C

Power of fan: 9 kW

Total power: 70 kW