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Pisces FR-9000 MK-III Filleting machine for salmon

Manufactured year: 2010's

Condition: Good, working

The FR-9000 utilizes three sets of circular blades to remove the backbone: One above, one below and one at backbone width - resulting in an extremely high-yield product. After backbone removal, a set of reciprocating blades carefully removes the rib, producing fillets of a smooth, undamaged appearance.

The versatile FR-9000 features options for complete rib removal or rib-in fillets, adjustable by simply preselecting a cut value on the user-friendly interface. FR-9000 is capable of processing a variety of species within the range of 1 kg to 9 kg. Including salmon, snapper & grouper up to a maximum height of ten inches. FR-9000 features a microprocessor that controls and measure every fish for extra high yields. The computer also has the advantage of being easy to program so the machines makes Ctrimmed fillets or a fully trim with belly fat off. The machine also has the mechanical advantage that it does not make the fillets gape, even on soft fillets. Smoothless it easily can work with both post and pre-rigor fillets.

Water connections: Standard garden hose connection ½"

Water usage: 5 US gallons per minute with belt wash

Air usage: 140 liters at 5 bar pressure.

Power: 6 kW

Belt speed: 12 meters per minute

Operators 1 person

Weight: 450 kg